Local / Regional Neonatal Guidelines

Listed below are links to neonatal guidelines developed regionally or by individual Health Boards

West of Scotland Neonatal Guidelines

~ A ~

Admissions Criteria Neonates_WoS

Anterior Abdominal Wall Defects Gastroschisis and Exomphalos_WoS

Anti-Ro & Anti-La Antibodies SLE_WoS

Antibiotic Guideline for the Neonatal Unit_WoS

Apnoea of Prematurity_WoS

Arterial Lines – Peripheral – Insertion and Care_WoS

Arterial Lines – Priming and Calibration_WoS

Arterial Lines Sampling – Peripheral and Umbilical_WoS

Arterial Thrombosis Neonates_WoS

Attendance at Delivery by Neonatal Staff (Criteria)_WoS

~ B ~

Bathing Newborn Infants_WoS

Bloodspot Screening of the Neonate_WoS

Bowel Irrigation_WoS

~ C ~

Capillary Blood Sampling_WoS

Cardiac genetics pathway for infants with congenital heart disease and the appropriate utilisation of irradiated blood

Chest Drain_WoS


Complex Airway Management_WoS

Cooling Mattress Techotherm_WoS

Cord Clamping Guideline_WoS

Cranial ultrasound scan_WoS

Cutaneous Amomalies_WoS

~ D ~

Developmental Care Neonates_WoS

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (DH)_WoS

DSD Disorders of Sex Development_WoS

~ E ~

Early Onset Sepsis in the Neonate Prevention and Treatment_WoS

Early Onset Sepsis Leaflet_WoS

EBM Neonates_WoS

End of Life Care (GGC guideline)_WoS

Enoxaparin Use in Neonatal & Paediatric Critical Care_WoS

Enteral Feeding Neonates_WoS

Epidermolysis Bullosa_WoS

Extravasation Neonates_WoS

Perinatal Management of Extreme Preterm Birth_WoS

~ F ~

Pre Surgical Care Pathway_Fetal Airway Compromise Detected Antenatally_WoS

Floppy Infant_WoS

~ H ~


Heart Murmurs in the Neonate_WoS

Hepatitis C – Management of infants born to mothers with Hepatitis C_WoS

HFOV High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation Neonates_WoS

HHFNC Neonates_WoS

HIV Management of infants born to HIV positive mothers_WoS

HSV -Management of babies born to mothers with Herpes Simplex_WoS



Hypertension in neonatal patients_WoS

Hypoglycaemia Persistent or Refractory in the Neonate_WoS

Hypoglycaemia Term Neonates_WoS

Hypothyroidism, Congenitally Acquired_WoS

~ I ~

Immunisation Guideline for Neonates_WoS

Intubation Neonates_WoS

~ J ~

Jaundice Neonates_WoS

~ L ~                 

Less Invasive Surfactant Administration (LISA) Guideline_WoS

LMA Surfactant Neonates_WoS

~ N ~

Napkin Care_WoS

Nasogastric or Orogastric Feeding Tube – Confirming the Position_WoS

Nasogastric or Orogastric Feeding Tube – Placement_WoS

Near Infra Red Spectroscopy (NIRS)_WoS

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome NAS_WoS

Nitric Oxide Therapy in the Neonate_WoS

~ O ~

Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo-oesophageal Fistula_WoS

Oxygen Saturation Neonates_WoS


Orthopaedic Problems Neonates_WoS

~ P ~

Pain Guideline_WoS

Parenteral Nutrition Neonates_WoS

PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) in Neonates Management_WoS

PDA Ligation Neonates_WoS


PICC lines (peripherally inserted central catheters)_WoS

~ R ~

Renal Anomalies Neonates_WoS

Respiratory Management Neonates_WoS

Resuscitation Training Neonates_WoS

~ S ~           

Seizures in the Neonate_WoS

Sucrose Oral Sucrose for Procedural Pain_WoS

Syphilis Neonates_WoS

~ T ~

T21 CarePathway_Neonates_WoS

Thermal Care of Neonates_WoS

Thyrotoxicosis, management of a baby born to a mother with a history of hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease_WoS

Transfusion of a Neonate_WoS

~ U ~

Umbilical Lines_WoS

~ V ~

Virological Assessment of Fetuses and Neonates_WoS

Visiting guideline_WoS

Vitamin K Neonates_WoS

Volume Targeted Ventilation_WoS

~ Z ~

Zika virus congenital infection_algorithm for neonatologists and paediatricians_WoS

Zika virus congenital infection_Interim guidance for neonatologists and paediatricians_WoS