Web Resources

Details of several web resources are given below:

1 Topics Index
2 Scottish Pregnancy, Births and Neonatal Data Dashboard (SPBAND)
3 Health in the Early Years in Scotland (HEYS) Dashboard
4 NSS Discovery
5 PHS Official Statistics

1  Topics Index

The Topics Index catalogues individual maternity and neonatal measures already available, including those on the Scottish Pregnancy, Births and Neonatal Data (SPBAND) Dashboard, the Health in the Early Years in Scotland (HEYS) dashboard, DiscoveryNMPA, NNAP and PHS websites.  The Topics Index also includes a list of CORE maternity measures.

The Topics index is available at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iAcRF8gc1-k7341JygofiSUmsvmKJ_OxUPyE07XVTPU/edit#gid=277533606

We appreciate the Google Sheets platform may not be available to all our users and are working to develop a more sophisticated accessible platform for the catalogue.   In the meantime, if you cannot access the hyperlink above and would like to view the Topics Index, please contact the Hub Programme Team (phs.matneodatahub@phs.scot) and we will seek alternative ways of sharing the index with you.


2  Scottish Pregnancy, Births and Neonatal Data Dashboard (SPBAND)

As part of our COVID-19 response, Public Health Scotland created a data dashboard showing wider impacts of COVID-19.  Pregnancy and Births and babies sections of the Wider Impacts dashboard were updated each month until Sep 2023. Those two sections were replaced in October 2023 by a new Scottish Pregnancy, Births and Neonatal Data (SPBAND) Dashboard. Data on SPBAND is refreshed quarterly (in January, April, July and October each year).

SPBAND includes the same topics as those that featured in the two sections of the Wider Impacts dashboard it replaces:

  • Pregnancy: number of pregnancies booked; average gestation at booking; number of terminations; average gestation at termination
  • Births and Babies: location of extremely pre-term births; induction of labour; type of birth; third- and fourth-degree perineal tears; pre- and post-term births; stillbirths and infant deaths;  Apgar scores

SPBAND offers three ways to view data:  time series charts for individual measures and individual Health Boards; small multiple time series charts, to allow comparison (for a particular measure) across Health Board areas, and a multi-indicator overview that displays multiple measures simultaneously, allowing comparison across Health Board areas.


3  Health in the Early Years in Scotland (HEYS) Dashboard

The Health in the Early Years in Scotland (HEYS) dashboard provides information on infant feeding (and child development), and is updated quarterly.  A link to data on HEYS is now available from a new Infant feeding menu item on SPBAND.


4  NSS Discovery

Another Public Health Scotland dashboard that includes information on maternity care in Scotland is the NSS Discovery dashboard.  You will need to register for a user name and password for this one.


5  Public Health Scotland Official Statistics on maternal and neonatal health

Public Health Scotland publishes a series of annual Official Statistics on pregnancy, childbirth and the early care of babies born in Scotland.

  • Births in Scotland: data on mother’s age, ethnicity, deprivation, BMI, maternal diabetes, method of birth, gestation at birth and birthweight.
  • Antenatal Booking in Scotland:  data on numbers of pregnancies booked, gestation at booking, and smoking status (by mother’s age, deprivation and ethnicity, for all three topics).
  • Termination of pregnancy: information on age, gestation, method of termination, deprivation, ethnicity, previous terminations, and grounds for termination.
  • Teenage pregnancies: information is provided on age group (<16, <18, <20), deprivation, and whether the pregnancy was terminated or led to a birth.
  • Congenital Conditions in Scotland: current best estimates of the number of babies with serious congenital conditions.
  • Infant feeding: information on exclusive breastfeeding, mixed, and formula feeding (initiation; first visit; 6-8 week; 13 to 15 month; maternal age; deprivation, ethnicity; looked-after status; maternal smoking status).
  • Pregnancy Screening for Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome, and Patau’s Syndrome in Scotland: information on the coverage of screening (including by maternal age group, deprivation quintile and ethnic group), screening results and laboratory activity.