National Neonatal Network

Person-centred, safe and high quality care for mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, birth and following birth can have a marked effect on the health and life chances of women and babies and on the healthy development of children throughout their lives.

Scotland's National Neonatal Network encourages collaboration across maternity and neonatal care services and supports the best possible outcomes for mothers, babies, fathers and partners and their wider families.

How is neonatal care provided in Scotland?
Neonatal care is care provided to any baby in the first 28 days of life. Most newborn babies are well and receive their neonatal care in the postnatal ward of the maternity facility in which they are born and / or at home. This care is provided by midwives, health visitors, paediatricians and GPs, as well as parents, family and friends.

Around one in eight babies born in Scotland will require some additional neonatal care at a transitional care unit alongside their mother or in a neonatal unit. Most of these babies only need a few days of additional care, then they can go home. A few will require ongoing care in a neonatal unit or paediatric ward, which may include high-dependency, intensive or surgical care. Read more about Neonatal Units.

These are the facets needed for delivery of quality Neonatal care: