Local or Regional Drug Monographs

Listed below are links to neonatal drug monographs developed regionally or by individual Health Boards

West of Scotland Neonatal Drug Monographs Parenteral - WoS_PI [Top section] Oral/Other Route - WoS_OOR [Bottom section]

  • Parenteral – Injections (PI)

Common IV Drug Infusions Ref Chart WoS_PI    

Drug Infusion Prescribing SOP WoS_PI

Emergency Drugs WoS_PI

6 in 1 vaccine WoS_PI

~ A ~

Aciclovir WoS_PI

Adenosine WoS_PI

Adrenaline – Hypotension WoS_PI

Adrenaline – Resuscitation WoS_PI

Albumin WoS_PI

Amikacin WoS_PI

Amiodarone WoS_PI

Amoxicillin WoS_PI

Amphotericin Liposomal WoS_PI

Arginine WoS_PI

Atropine WoS_PI

~ B ~ 

BCG Vaccine (AJV) WoS_PI

Benzylpenicillin WoS_PI

Biotin WoS_PI

~ C ~

Caffeine Citrate WoS_PI

Calcium Gluconate WoS_PI

Carnitine WoS_PI

Caspofungin IV WoS_PI

Cefotaxime IM WoS_PI

Cefotaxime IV WoS_PI

Ceftazidime WoS_PI

Cefuroxime WoS_PI

Ciprofloxacin WoS_PI

Clarithromycin WoS_PI

Clindamicin WoS_PI

Clonidine WoS_PI


~ D ~

Dantrolene WoS_PI

Dexamethasone WoS_PI

Digoxin WoS_PI

Dinoprostone (Prostin) Fixed Concentration WoS_PI

Dobutamine WoS_PI

Dopamine WoS_PI

~ E ~

Enfuvritide WoS_PI

Enoxaparin WoS_PI

Epoprostenol WoS_PI

Erythromycin WoS_PI

Esmolol WoS_PI

~ F ~

Fentanyl WoS_PI

Filgrastim WoS_PI

Flucloxacillin WoS_PI

Fluconazole WoS_PI

Flumazenil WoS_PI

Furosemide in Albumin WoS_PI

Furosemide WoS_PI

~ G ~

Ganciclovir WoS_PI

Gentamicin WoS_PI

Glucagon WoS_PI


Gonadorelin WoS_PI

~ H ~

Heparin (for anticoagulation) WoS_PI

Heparin Arterial Line WoS_PI

Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin WOS_Pl

Hepatitis B vaccine Engerix B WoS_PI

Hepatitis B vaccine HBVAXPRO WoS_PI

Hydralazine WoS_PI

Hydrocortisone WoS_PI

~ I ~

Ibuprofen WoS_PI

Immunoglobulin WoS_PI


Insulin and Glucose for Hyperkalaemia WoS_Pl

Isoprenaline WoS_PI

~ K ~

Ketamine WoS_PI

~ L ~

Labetalol WoS_PI

Levetiracetam WoS_PI

Levofloxacin WoS_PI

Levothyroxine WoS_PI

Linezolid WoS_PI

~ M ~

Magnesium Sulphate WoS_PI

Meningococcal B Vaccine WoS_PI

Meropenem WoS_PI

Metronidazole WoS_PI

Midazolam WoS_PI

Milrinone WoS_PI

Morphine WoS_PI

~ N ~

Naloxone (intra-muscular) WoS_PI

Naloxone WoS_PI

Neostigmine SC-IM WoS_PI

Noradrenaline WOS_Pl

~ O ~               

Octreotide WoS_PI

Omeprazole WoS_PI

Omnipaque WoS_PI

~ P ~

Palivizumab WoS_PI



Phenobarbital WoS_PI

Phenytoin WoS_PI

Piperacillin with Tazobactam (Piptazobactam) WoS_PI

Pneumococcal Vaccine WoS_PI

Potassium Canrenoate WoS_PI

Potassium Chloride WoS_PI

Propranolol WoS_PI

Protamine Sulfate WoS_PI

Protirelin WoS_PI

Pyridoxine WoS_PI

~ R ~

Rifampicin WoS_PI

Rocuronium WoS_PI

~ S ~

Salbutamol WoS_PI

Sildenafil WoS_PI

Sodium Benzoate WoS_PI

Sodium Bicarbonate WoS_PI

Sodium Chloride WoS_PI

Sodium Nitroprusside WoS_PI

Sodium Phenylbutyrate WoS_PI

Sugammadex WoS_Pl

Suxamethonium WoS_PI

~ T ~

Teicoplanin WoS_PI

Tetracosactide (Synacthen) WoS_PI

Thiamine WoS_PI

Tranexamic Acid WoS_PI

~ V ~

Vancomycin Continuous Infusion WoS_PI

Varicella Immunoglobulin WoS_PI

Vecuronium WoS_PI

Vitamin K WoS_PI

~ Z ~

Zidovudine WoS_PI


  • Oral/Other Route (OOR)

~ A ~

Abidec WoS_OOR

Acetylcysteine WoS_OOR

Aciclovir WoS_OOR

Alfacalcidol WoS_OOR

Alimemazine WoS_OOR

Amlodipine WoS_OOR

Amoxicillin WoS_OOR

Arginine WoS_OOR

Azithromycin WoS_OOR

~ B ~

Bactroban WoS_OOR

Budesonide WoS_OOR

~ C ~

Caffeine Citrate WoS_OOR

Calcium Carbonate WoS_OOR

Calcium Resonium WoS_OOR

Captopril WoS_OOR

Carbimazole WoS_OOR

Carnitine WoS_OOR

Chloral Hydrate WoS_OOR

Chloramphenicol WoS_OOR

Chlorothiazide WoS_OOR

Clarithromycin WoS_OOR

Clindamycin WoS_OOR

Clonidine WoS_OOR

Co-amoxiclav WoS_OOR

Colecalciferol WoS_OOR

Co-trimoxazole WoS_OOR

Cyclopentolate WoS_OOR

~ D ~

Dalivit WoS_OOR

Dexamethasone WoS_OOR

Diazoxide WoS_OOR

Digoxin WoS_OOR

Domperidone WoS_OOR

~ E ~

Erythromycin WoS_OOR

~ F ~

Fentanyl Nasal WoS_OOR

Flecainide WoS_OOR

Flucloxacillin WoS_OOR

Fluconazole WoS_OOR

Fludrocortisone WOS_OOR

Folic Acid WoS_OOR

Furosemide WoS_OOR

Fusidic acid WoS_OOR

~ G ~

Gaviscon WoS_OOR

Glyceryl Trinitrate WoS_OOR

Glycopyrronium WOS_OOR

~ H ~

Hydralazine WoS_OOR

~ I ~

Ibuprofen WoS_OOR

Isoniazid WoS_OOR

~ K ~

~ L ~

Lamivudine WoS_OOR

Levetiracetam WoS_OOR

Levothyroxine WoS_OOR

Lidocaine WoS_OOR

Linezolid WoS_OOR

Loperamide WoS_OOR

~ M ~       

Magnesium Aspartate (Magnasparte) WoS_OOR

Metronidazole WoS_OOR

Miconazole Cream WoS_OOR

Midazolam WoS_OOR

Morphine WOS_OOR

~ N ~

Neostigmine WoS_OOR

Nevirapine WoS_OOR

Nifedipine WoS_OOR

Nitrazepam WoS_OOR

Nystatin WoS_OOR

~ O ~

Omeprazole WoS_OOR

Oxybutynin WoS_OOR

~ P ~

Paracetamol Analgesia WoS_OOR

Paracetamol PDA Treatment WoS_OOR

Paraldehyde WoS_OOR

Phenobarbital WoS_OOR

Phenoxymethylpenicillin V WoS_OOR

Phenylephrine WoS_OOR

Phenytoin WoS_OOR

Poractant Curosurf WoS_OOR

Potassium Acid Phosphate WoS_OOR

Potassium Chloride WoS_OOR

Prednisolone WoS_OOR

Propranolol WoS_OOR

Proxymetacaine WoS_OOR

Pyrazinamide WoS_OOR

Pyridoxine WoS_OOR

~ R ~

Raltegravir WoS_OOR

Rifampicin WoS_OOR

Rotarix WoS_OOR

~ S ~

Salbutamol WoS_OOR

Sildenafil WoS_OOR

Sodium Acid Phosphate WoS_OOR

Sodium Bicarbonate WoS_OOR

Sodium Chloride WoS_OOR

Spironolactone WoS_OOR

Sytron WoS_OOR

~ T ~

Tenofovir WoS_OOR

Thiamine WoS_OOR

Trimethoprim WoS_OOR

~ U ~

Ursodeoxycholic Acid WOS_OOR

~ V ~

Valganciclovir WoS_OOR

Vitamin K WoS_OOR

~ Z ~

Zidovudine WoS_OOR