Family Integrated Care (FICare)

“Family Integrated Care (FICare) is a model of neonatal care promoting a culture of partnership between families and staff; enabling and empowering parents to become confident, knowledgeable and independent primary caregivers” (BAPM, 2021). 

FiCare identifies 5 key elements, Empowerment, Wellbeing, Culture, Environment and Partnership with Families, which must underline all aspects of care in Neonatal services. 

The National Neonatal Network Scottish FICare Educational Workshop 2023 took place on Thursday 8th June (10am – 4pm) in the Radisson Blue, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. The event provided a forum for sharing the fantastic FICare work units have already been doing and inspiring further development of FICare approaches in Scotland. Huge thanks to colleagues within the units for investing their time in FICare approaches.  We would like to extend a huge thanks to all parent and clinical professionals for their contribution at the June event.  We are delighted to provide the following summary of the event and hope you are inspired to join us at our autumn 2023 event.

Here are some examples of how FICare is being delivered in our Scottish units.

  • NHS Tayside Neonatal Unit: As part of a refurbishment project, NHS Tayside team, along with parents and in collaboration with architects and an appointed artist have created a visionary therapeutic environment which is calming and aesthetic, whilst remaining practical. The refurbishment of the neonatal unit has vastly improved facilities, enhancing the environment for parents and families.
  • NHS Lanarkshire: Maternity & Neonatal Psychological Interventions Service, Psychological Contribution to Family-Informed Care in the Neonatal Unit
  • NHS Grampian Community Outreach Service Coffee Mornings: The Aberdeen Neonatal Outreach Service was established in 2017. During the first year we identified similar themes from the feedback received from families. Inspired by the feedback, it made us think about how we could provide an alternate way of integrating information and support to our families where they could share their experiences in a more relaxed social setting. So, in 2018 the monthly coffee morning was set up.
  • NHS Lothian Keeping Mums and Babies Together: NHS Lothian wanted to promote Mums and babies staying together in the newborn period at St Johns Hospital by providing moderate care needs on the postnatal ward in a transitional care setting and reducing late preterm admissions to SCBU.