Grand Rounds

The Monthly Grand Round occurs on the first Tuesday of each month and is an excellent opportunity to collaborate and share a case or topic. We're keen to hear from all neonatal services in Scotland, so please do contact us at and we'll be delighted to add you to our MGR sessions schedule.

If you have missed any sessions you can catch up or watch previous sessions using this link:

Monthly Grand Round Recordings

If you need assistance to view the recordings please contact us at We are always happy to help.

The previous topics presented are:

  • Repatriation across the network – NHS Fife (MAY 2024)
  • “Neonatal airway management – a time for change.” – NHS GGC (MAR 2024) 
  • Civility Saves Lives – NHS NSS Organisational Development & Learning (FEB 2024)
  • Kaiser Permanente early onset sepsis risk calculator – NHS Lanarkshire (JAN 2024) – NO RECORDING.
  • The challenge of maintaining intubation skills in Scottish level 1 and level 2 units – NHS Highland, NHS GGC (NOV 2023)
  • Persistent hypoglycaemia, including interpretation of biochemistry – NHS GGC (OCT 2023)
  • “Routine Pulse Oximetry Screening in Newborns: 2 years on, what have we learned?” – NHS Lothian (SEPT 2023)
  • “Two cases of congenital myasthenic syndrome; same receptor, different phenotype.” – NHS Grampian (JULY 2023)   
  • AHP Project Team: Scottish Neonatal AHP Workforce – Hilary Cruickshank, Zoe Whyte, Hester Blair (JUNE 2023)
  • Multiple Delivery and Collaborative Planning – NHS Tayside (MAY 2023)
  • Difficult Airway Management – NHS GGC (APR 2023)
  • “Selecting the road previously not taken, a district general hospital local neonatal unit experience of shared care of a complex baby.” – NHS Highland (MAR 2023) – NO RECORDING.
  • “Let’s get talking in Ayrshire – The impact of COVID on neurodevelopmental outcomes.” – Ayrshire & Arran (FEB 2023)
  • The implementation of PO Screening & Associated Decision Making in DGH – Borders (DEC 2022)
  • Atypical presentation of hypoxic respiratory failure in ex preterm infants – GGC RAH and RHC, Lanarkshire (NOV 2022)
  • Stridor and Pseudohypoparathyroidism – GGC, RHC (OCT 2022)
  • Point of care ultrasound assisted neonatal management – Fife (SEPT 2022)
  • Palliative care needs in a neonate – a case study – Forth Valley (JUL 2022)
  • Wheels on fire, a life in the day of the ScotSTAR neonatal team – Scotstar Team (JUN 2022)
  • DiGeorge Syndrome-MDT working to ensure better outcomes for our patients – GGC, PRM (MAY 2022)
  • Misdiagnosis of Critical Pulmonary Stenosis – Grampian (APR 2022)
  • Use of lung Ultrasound in the neonatal unit in UHW – Lanarkshire (MAR 2022)
  • Neonatal Stridor – Narrowing the Differential – Lothian (FEB 2022)
  • Neonatal Cardiac Palliative Care – Tayside, Lothian, CHAS (DEC 2021)
  • Term Respiratory Failure – GGC, RHC & Lanarkshire (NOV 2021)

Please note: From time to time sessions are not recorded due to sensitivities around some information.