Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter Issue 33 – July 2023

Posted by Roberta Shanks - 31/07/2023




Welcome to issue 33 of the SPN newsletter! We’re keen to make improvements and have started working on your suggestions around how we can make the newsletter a more enjoyable experience overall. If things look a little different this month, that’s why.

We’ve also been working on the website. We hope you like the new FICare, Grand Rounds and Parents pages.

Thank you so much for getting in touch. Please keep the feedback coming!

In this edition you will find the following:

  • Scottish Perinatal Network Update
  • National Maternity Network Update
  • National Neonatal Network Update
  • Events stacks
  • News Roundup from colleagues and partners across the perinatal world
Link:  Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter Issue 33 – July 2023