Perinatal Guidance

This section is for perinatal clinical guidelines, pathways and other guidance documents.

They span maternity and neonatal services and have been developed nationally, Once for Scotland, unless they state otherwise.

The guidance is organised alphabetically by keyword(s).

Perinatal Guidance

Extreme Obstetric Emergencies: Community Maternity Unit to Consultant Led Unit Transfer Pathway v1.0

In-Utero Transfers in Scotland: Consultant Led Unit to Consultant Led Unit Pathway (2023)

In-Utero Transfer information document – Testing phase! – During the development process of the IUT pathway itself, it was felt that it would be useful for all referring and receiving units to share and have the same information. A small subgroup formed to draft an information document which we hope referring and receiving units will find useful during in-utero transfers. The aim is for most of the information to be pulled from BadgerNet wherever possible, with a paper form for those Health Boards who don’t use BadgerNet or in the event of system outage. Please consider trialling this form during your next IUTs and provide us with feedback.