Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter – Issue 37 – November 2023

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 30/11/2023

We are pleased to share with you the latest SPN Newsletter, Issue 37 for the month of November.

It’s been a busy month for the SPN programme team – we’ve been at RCM Think Tank, AEPU Conference, Maternity & Midwifery Festival, and the SG Miscarriage Event. We held our own Core Steering Group meeting and are gearing up for our Oversight Board next week. We’re organising another FICare event! You can read about that, and more in this issue.

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates:
SPN Transport Group
Next SPN SAER Shared Learning Event 15.12.23!
The Perinatal Approach to Extreme Preterm Births Webinar
Opportunities to Get Involved
Perinatal Events Stack

National Maternity Network Updates:
Safeguarding Forum
Maternal Medicine Group
Scottish Maternity Engagement project
RCM ThinkTank 2023
AEPU Conference
Scottish Health Awards – Winners
Opportunities to Get Involved
Maternity Events Stack

National Neonatal Network Updates:
Neonatal Planning Meeting
Monthly Grand Round
Save The Date: Scotland’s FICare Future
Neonatal Events Stack

News Roundup:
Updates from PHS, HIS, Bliss, SPSP Perinatal, NNAP, SG, Amma Birth Companions, KWISA and MatCHNet
In the News

A Spotlight On… National Grief Awareness Week (with 2 free webinars!)

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