Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter – Issue 41 – March 2024

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 28/03/2024

Welcome to another edition of the SPN Newsletter – Issue 41 –  for March 2024. As the financial year draws to a close, we want to acknowledge that we appreciate finances are difficult across all Boards (including ours), and we are working hard to make sure our new overarching strategy and subsequent workplans continue to work towards ambitious goals, while still being sensitive to time and resource pressures felt by everyone.

In this month’s edition of the newsletter you will be able to read about:

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates:
SAER Group
Transport Group
SPN & SPSP Perinatal Webinar now available: The Perinatal Approach to Extreme Preterm Births
Opportunities to Get Involved
Perinatal Events Stack
National Maternity Network Updates:
Safeguarding Forum – Safeguarding Obstetricians and Safeguarding Midwives Groups
Maternal Medicine Group
Scottish Maternity Engagement project
Opportunities to Get Involved
Maternity Events Stack
National Neonatal Network Updates:
“The missing link? Empowering neonatal AHPs across Scotland” – Thank You!
Neonatal Planning Meeting
Monthly Grand Round
Neonatal Events Stack
SPN Strategic Partner Updates:
MaTCHnet updates
SCIM closure
Perinatal & Infant Mental Health newsletter

In the News:
Headlines & articles
A Spotlight On … World Autism Acceptance Week!#

And remember, the clocks go forward on 31 March as part of Daylight Savings Time. Unless you’re like our Anne-Sophie, who just has her clocks display the wrong time for 6 months of the year… Just remember that not all countries switch to Daylight Saving Time on the same day (the majority of the US have already done this), and some countries don’t enact it at all! So if you have some Easter travels coming up, double check local times 🙂

Wishing you a lovely long weekend, we will see you in April!

Best wishes,

The SPN Team