Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter – Issue 29 – March 2023

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 03/04/2023

From the author’s perch (in Glasgow) there is blue sky and sunshine, with neighbourhood hedges just in the early stages of budding (blissfully unaware of the coming of the hedgetrimmers in some weeks’ time). While the world calendar at large insists we are in the fourth month of 2023, many businesses and organisations have only just stepped into their first quarter of the new financial year, and SPN is no different. Our workplans for the year have just been presented at our Core Steering Groups and Oversight Board, and we are taking a deep breath of fresh spring air and then diving in to the work ahead.

Our latest issue of the Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) newsletter – Issue 29, is now available

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates
Transport Group
In-Utero Transfers in Scotland: Consultant Led Unit to Consultant Led Unit – now available
SAER Group
Births Occurring at <27 Weeks in a Unit Without a NICU Event – co-chairs confirmed
Perinatal Events Stack

National Maternity Network Updates
Scottish Maternity Engagement Project
Just Published: Qualitative evaluation of rapid implementation of remote blood pressure self-monitoring in pregnancy during Covid-19
Job Opportunity: Lecturer in Midwifery at Queen Margaret University
Maternity Events Stack
National Neonatal Network Updates
Management of the Extreme Preterm Infants Guideline
Neonatal Planning Meeting
2023 Neonatal Data Sharing Event
Monthly Grand Round – please note changed April date!
Neonatal Network Meetings
Neonatal Network Training and Events
Scottish FICare Workshop
FICare Case Studies
Scottish Cooling Group
Scottish Neonatal Star of the Year – Nominations Open
Congratulations to University Hospital Wishaw’s Neonatal Team
Volunteering Opportunity in Zambia
Neonatal Events Stack
Upcoming Changes to Recommended Timescales for Cervical Screening Postnatally and After Miscarriage
Just Published: SPSP MCQIC Site Visit Report
NICE, BAPM and MatCHNet Stacks
Some headlines
Other newsletters from around the perinatal community
A Spotlight On… Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) Awareness Day, World Health Day, and MS Awareness Week