SPN Newsletter – Issue 23 – September 2022

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 30/09/2022

Issue 23 of the Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter is now available. Within you will find updates from our networks, groups, and working groups, along with some news and events which may be relevant or of interest. At the end, in our Spotlight section, we aim to look ahead at some of the awareness events and initiatives coming up in October.

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates

  • SAER Group
  • Transport Group
  • Save the Date: Best Start Learning and Sharing Day
  • Perinatal Events Stack

National Maternity Network Updates

  • NMN Guidelines Governance Group
  • Scottish Maternity Engagement Project
  • New Guideline: Management of Intrapartum Maternal Pyrexia in Hospital
  • Flu and COVID-19 in pregnancy in preparation for Winter 2022
  • The ‘So What’ of Maternity Data
  • Maternity Events Stack

National Neonatal Network Updates

  • National Neonatal Data Oversight Group
  • Monthly Grand Round
  • NNN October Meeting Schedule
  • FICare
    • National Neonatal Network Scotland FICare Event, Spring 2023
    • Case study examples from Scottish units
  • Scottish Cooling Group – TURAS Educational Package
  • Royal Hospital for Children – Bliss Accreditation
  • Neonatal Events Stack

News Roundup 

  • NES
    • AHP Careers Fellowship Scheme
    • NES Bereavement Annual Conference
  • Positive About Down Syndrome – Breastfeeding publication
  • MatCHNet Autumn Workshops
  • In the News
  • Other Newsletters & Resources Stack


  • Black History Month 2022
  • Challenge Poverty Week (3 – 9 October)
  • Baby Loss Awareness Week (9 – 15 October)

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

With best wishes