SPN Newsletter – Issue 19, May 2022

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 31/05/2022


The latest issue of the Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter – Issue 19, May 2022 is now available.

In it we have included updates on our work, some highlights from May, and a wealth of events spanning the next couple of months ahead.

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates: 

  • The Ockenden Report
  • The SAER Group – meeting details, summary of our 27.05.22 learning event, information about upcoming lead reviewer, risk co-ordinator, and key contact forums and signposting to resources from our website.
  • The SPN Case Review Event on 1st of June 2022 – reviewing cases of babies born at <27 weeks in units without a NICU
  • Perinatal Events

National Maternity Network Updates:

  • The NMN Guideline Governance Group
  • Maternity Events

National Neonatal Network Updates: 

  • National Neonatal Guidance Groups – Expressions of Interest Sought
  • National Neonatal Data Oversight Group – Volunteers needed
  • Monthly Grand Round
  • NNN June Meeting Schedule
  • NNN Training and Events
  • Neonatal AHP Learning Module
  • Neonatal Events

News Roundup from Colleagues and Partners Across the Perinatal World

A Spotlight On:

  • Sands Awareness Month 2022
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month 2022
  • International Fathers’ Mental Health Day 2022

As ever, we appreciate and value your feedback; get in touch via nss.perinatalnetwork@nhs.scot with your comments.