Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter – Issue 28 – February 2023

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 28/02/2023

The Scottish Perinatal Network team are pleased to share the most recent issue of the Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter – Issue 28.

While a short month, February has not been dozy or uneventful, so please take your time going through this issue, as there are some requests for feedback, asks to share information, and some events we are hosting which we hope you will want to join! 

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates:
Transport Group
Significant Adverse Event Review (SAER) Group
National Bereavement Care Pathway – event reminder
SPN Event: Births at <27 Weeks in Units Without a NICU
Perinatal Events Stack

National Maternity Network Updates:
New guidance available from the Best Start Obstetric Neurology group:
      Standards of Care for Women with Epilepsy of Childbearing Age
      Management of Headache in Pregnancy
Scottish Maternity Engagement Project Update
Scottish Maternity Engagement – Lived Experience Survey now live – please share widely!
Maternity Events Stack
National Neonatal Network Updates:
Management of the Extreme Preterm Infants Guideline – feedback requested!
Neonatal Planning Meeting
NNN Feedback
Reminder: Touching Lives, Impacting Lifetimes event
Data Sharing Event
Monthly Grand Round
NNN March Meeting Schedule
NNN Training and Events – Save the Date for NNN FICare Event!
FICare Case Study: NHS Tayside
Scottish Cooling Group
Neonatal Events Stack
News Roundup:
Public Health Scotland’s Vaccines in Pregnancy information
Plan A Study
Praise for SAS colleagues
NHS Scotland Maternity Real-Time Staffing Resource: Training Sessions available!
NICE stack
BAPM stack
MatCHNet stack
News from across the perinatal landscape
Other Newsletters stack
A Spotlight On … International Women’s Day, No Smoking Day, Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week & World Down Syndrome Day, and Ramadan
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Between now and our next newsletter we will see the daylight hours become more and more plentiful, until the astronomical event of the Spring Equinox, after which the days will be longer than the nights until autumn, so that’s something to look forward to!