Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter – Issue 26 – December 2022

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 04/01/2023

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The Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter for December 2022 is now available. This is issue 26 and our last one for the year 2022. Within you can read about the following:

Scottish Perinatal Network – 2022 in Review

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates
Transport Group updates
Significant Adverse Event Review (SAER) Group updates
Perinatal Events Stack

National Maternity Network Updates
Food Standards Scotland – safety reminder re: “ready-to-eat” smoked fish
Scottish Maternity Engagement Project update
Scottish Paediatric & Adult Haemoglobinopathies Network –┬áLearning Modules
about Antenatal Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening
Maternity Events Stack

National Neonatal Network Updates
National Neonatal Data Oversight Group
Monthly Grand Round
NNN Meeting Schedule – January
NNAP Update
NNN Training and Events
PELiCaN Survey
Neonatal Events Stack

News Roundup
BAPM Updates
Inspiring Scotland – Perinatal and Infant Mental Health newsletter switches over to Sway format
Stack – Other relevant newsletters you might wish to sign up to

Spotlight on: Love Your Liver Month and Veganuary + Bonus: National Robin Day (21st December)

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