Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter – Issue 34 – August

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 03/10/2023

Welcome to the Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter – here is Issue 34 covering our news and actions for the month of August 2023.

We actually held off publishing this edition until early September, because we were crossing our fingers that by holding off we could introduce a brand new pathway!

The Remote & Rural Transport Working Group, under the oversight of the SPN Transport Group, have worked hard and developed a pathway relating to the transfers from CMU’s to CLU’s in Extreme Obstetric Emergencies. Following several rounds of feedback it was ratified at the SPN Oversight Board. It is available via the Guidance section on this website.

Aside from that, in this issue you can read about the following:

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates:

SPN Transport Group – Extreme Obstetric Emergency: CMU to CLU pathway just published!
SAER Group update

National Maternity Network Updates:
Safeguarding Midwives Forum
Safeguarding Obstetricians Forum
Scottish Maternity Engagement Project Update

National Neonatal Network Updates:
The Butterfly Project Virtual Seminar
Neonatal Planning Meetings
Monthly Grand Round
FICare in Scotland
Scottish Cooling Group Study Day

Events Stack – Perinatal, Maternity, Neonatal – events are grouped by their specialty and then in ascending date order – there are lots of interesting workshops, talks and events coming up, don’t miss out!

News from colleagues and partners in the perinatal landscape
Public consultation for the statutory guidance to accompany the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019
Updated section to the NICE Guideline Manual
Continuity of Carer Newsletter – produced by Edinburgh Napier University
NNAP Data Dashboard now available
RCOG: Making Abortion Safe Global Health Survey
MatCHNet Updates

In Case You Missed It:
Conversation Café toolkit
Listeria in Smoked Fish – advice for pregnant people from Food Safety Scotland

Articles, headlines, and other news and opportunities

A Spotlight On…. Air Ambulance Week and Emergency Services Day (999 Day)