Scottish Perinatal Network (SPN) Newsletter – Issue 42 – April 2024

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 26/04/2024

Welcome to another edition of the SPN Newsletter – Issue 42 – for April 2024.

Ah, April. It’s definitely spring; while the sun might be shining a little more and for a little longer than before it’s still not quite hitting temperatures one could describe as “warm”, at least not consistently. Still, we are certainly grateful for the increasing greenery and daylight hours and we will take care to enjoy them while they last. 

Scottish Perinatal Network Updates:
Event: Babies born at <27 weeks in a unit without a NICU in 2023
SPN SAER Group Update
Opportunities to Get Involved
SPN Transport Group
IUT information document – Testing Phase – Please help!
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National Maternity Network Updates:
Scottish Maternity Engagement Update
Congratulations to Caroline Judge – Mariposa Midwife of the Year!
Opportunities to Get Involved
Maternity Events Stack

 National Neonatal Network Updates:
Congratulations to Lesley Jackson
Neonatal Planning Meeting
Monthly Grand Round
Neonatal Events Stack 

News and Updates:
BAPM, Perinatal Mental Health Network Scotland, NES
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A Spotlight On … Maternal Mental Health Week

May Day is around the corner and comes with a variety of interesting traditions. Supposedly washing ones face with the morning dew on the 1st of May is meant to have a beautifying effect (Samuel Pepys’s wife did it, so it must be true!). Apparently cheese rolling (literally rolling a wheel of cheese down a hill) was also practiced on May Day, though this year in Gloucestershire it’s happening on the 27th.

However, before all of that we should probably start by getting through the weekend 🙂

Best wishes,

The SPN Team