Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter – Issue 17 – March 2022

Posted by Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen - 01/04/2022


Time flies, it’s the end of March and that means it’s time for another Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter!

We try to share our work, information we think might be relevant or useful, and events relating to the perinatal world. There are several conferences coming up, many with “early bird discounts” ending soon, so do check them out at the end ????

Scottish Perinatal Network Newsletter Issue 17

In this month’s issue you can read about:

  • Scottish Perinatal Network Updates 
    • The Ockenden Report 
    • SPN SAER Group – Update 
    • Highlighting HIS Adverse Event Community of Practice 
    • SPN Transport Group – Update 
    • Save the Date for June Webinar Event 
  • National Maternity Network Updates 
    • Farewell and Best Wishes to our Clinical Lead Midwife 
    • In Mary’s own words 
    • Seeking a new Clinical Lead Midwife to join NMN 
    • Miscarriage Roundtable – Volunteers Needed 
    • NMN Guideline Governance Group – Volunteers Needed 
    • Highlighting the Pelvic Partnership  
    • UKOSS Steering Committee Members sought 
  • National Neonatal Network Updates 
    • National Neonatal Data Oversight Group – Volunteers Needed 
    • Monthly Grand Round 
    • NNN April Meeting Schedule 
    • Training and Events 
    • Congratulations to Transitional Care Nursery Nurses on their NNA award! 
    • Clarification regarding the Young Patients Family Fund eligibility 
    • Highlighting PEEPS HIE 
  • Updates from colleagues and partners across the perinatal community 
    • The RCM Podcast 
    • Other Newsletters you might like to access 
    • Updates from BAPM; 3 consultations requiring input 
    • Mural artwork trying to help normalise breastfeeding 
    • MatCHNet – Pump Priming Funding Scheme, and series of three lunchtime webinars 
    • Guides to National Population Screening in Scotland 
  • News Roundup 
    • Congratulations to Scottish Trauma Network who are featured in Channel 4 documentary 
    • In Case You Missed It: Ready Steady Baby Easy Read format launch 
  • Shining a Spotlight on: Autism Acceptance Week and Autism Awareness Month 
    • Lived Experiences and Own Voices 
    • Resource: Tommy’s 
    • Further Reading Recommendations 
  • Save The Dates – highlighting events coming up in April and May 

We welcome your comments and feedback, and if there is anything you feel we should highlight in next month’s issue please let us know!